People are the starting point and centre of everything we do

Our wide ranging experience and backgrounds enables us to provide an extensive list of services which can fit into 3 categories, Design Consulting, Business Strategy Consulting, and Retail and F&B Management.




Making design become your competitive advantage

Design consulting is Contour’s core business and what we are famous for. Clients often start working with us in this area before realising the variety of other disciplines Contour can help them with. Architectural work makes up a big part of the Design Consulting we do, but Contour also specialises in brand work, retail design and interior design.

  • Design Strategy 
  • Design Conceptual 
  • Design Development 
  • Detail Design 
  • Design Integration 
  • Design Supervision
  • Architecture 
  • Interior 
  • Identity & Signage 
  • Landscape 
  • Engineering Design

Business Strategy


Creating a winning business model

Contour believes that our work should be more than just visually appealing. We believe it must achieve the objectives of our clients, whether that be financial success or another specific goal. For this reason, Contour spends significant time researching and developing a winning business concept and business model to match the clients aspirations. The vast experience within the Contour team enables clients to hit the ground running.

  • Industry Structure Analysis 
  • Consumer Insight Study 
  • Winning Product Concept & Market 
  • Entry Strategy 
  • Business Model Generation 
  • Feasibility & Phasing
  • Research 
  • Branding 
  • Tenant Consulting 
  • Operations Consulting 
  • Organisation Consulting

Retail and F&B


Management by seasoned professionals

To complete the value chain, Contour offers total retail and restaurant business management services for those clients who would rather leave controlling parts of their business to experienced professionals. As part of this offering, Contour has developed their own anchor tenants to create a substantial revenue stream and help generate traffic for other tenants.

  • Project Development 
  • Asset Management 
  • Mini Anchor Development & Management

Unique, collaborative process

Contour’s uniqueness starts from how we work on a project. We provide an end-to-end service to many of our clients ensuring slick transitions, continuity and a high level of trust.

We split our full-path projects into 5 phases, Discovery, Strategy, Design, Delivery and Ongoing Consulting.



The Discovery phase is the foundation to every project. Without a thorough, solid investigation into the potential customers, industry, location, and competitors it is unlikely the business will reach its full potential.


Strategy & Co-Creation

The Strategy & Co-Creation phase involves a collaboration of the experienced minds within Contour and our clients, using the Discovery data to create a winning business strategy for each unique situation.


Design & Prototyping

The Design & prototyping phase brings the Strategy to life, filling out the details of how the business will look, how will it work and how it will succeed. 



Delivery is where Contour supports the client in creating the business from the designs and plans. This ranges from building world class shopping malls to a complete brand strategy.


Ongoing Consulting

Contour’s support and Ongoing Consulting does not end once a business launches. That is just the start of a new chapter for us. Contour helps its clients with the everyday running of its business to ensure it reaches its full potential.